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For the first time ever this year Gunthorpe joined in with “the largest school choir in the world” in a concert organised by Young Voices.  On Monday 13th January we took a choir of 20 children, from year 2 to 6, too Sheffield arena for a singing extravaganza. The children had worked incredibly hard practising and rehearsing 14 different songs complete with dance moves.  It was a very long day, with the children not returning home until 10.30pm but they only have incredibly positive feedback with 100% of them agreeing they would love to be a part of it again. Here is what some of them said:


“It was a great experience to sing with other people from so many different schools” Toby (year 3)


“I made new friends with people from the choir. It was amazing to sing with everyone and I loved doing all the actions” Georgie (year 2)


“It was such a wonderful opportunity to do something so special. I met wonder people, even from afar. There was a real community around all the schools. One school started a Mexican wave with their torches and it spread all around the arena!” Aleena (year 5)


“I am so glad I got the experience as I am in year 6 and won’t get the chance again. It was the best time of my life. Singing, dancing alongside other schools and famous singers. It really boosted my confidence because I knew even if I made a mistake it wouldn’t matter and if people laughed it was because we were all having fun together” Harriet (year 6)


“It was so funny, especially dancing alongside Andy. He was so enthusiastic and made everyone laugh- he was just like a big kid. I loved the lights and think everyone should do it next year!” Lyla P (year 3)


Big thank you to Mrs Brown and Miss Bottrell for organising, rehearsing and all your hard work to make it happen!