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We believe that children's mental health and well-being is the foundation on which  academic success is built . We believe that ensuring our pupils are mentally well and emotionally stable allows them to flourish in all areas of the curriculum. As a school we are just about to start to use the Coram Life education SCARF approach: Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience, Friendship. More information on this to come...

At the moment lots of children are worried about Coronavirus. To help we have compiled some helpful websites and downloads that you might find useful.

There are also some helpful resources for parents to help you talk to your child about what is happening.

Ideas to help during school closure

During isolation this can be a time when both children and parents feel vulnerable.

If you are self-isolating with your children because you are unwell and you live alone (or your partner is frequently out of the home), please practise with your child how and who they would phone if you were to become seriously unwell. You may choose to put emergency phone numbers of family or friends on the fridge or to store them as favourites in your mobile phone – however you feel this will be effective and appropriate for your child’s age. Also, advice is to always notify friends and family that you are self-isolating so that they can check in with you to ensure you are all safe and well.