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Lockdown Poem


There once was a virus that made everyone sad

People got poorly, some people got mad.


The Prime Minister told us all to make haste;

Stay indoors, wash our hands and keep others safe.


Our schools had to close, the teachers were blue,

Without children to teach they didn’t know what to do.


They planned lessons online and they wished for the day,

The children came back with a hip, hip hooray!


But that time took a while so we had to think more,

About new ways to learn, to teach and explore.


The parents were brilliant and the children had fun,

A new way of learning had truly begun.


Though the teacher’s sadness grew as they missed the faces,

Of all of the happy children sat in their places.


They wished for the chaos, they wished for the noise,

They wished for the jokes and the playing of toys.


But they knew it was important to keep you all safe and sound,

Inside your homes with parents and siblings around.


Please know that our excitement is bubbling away,

For the news we all wait for to sing hip, hip hooray!


We will be back before you know it, with all of our friends

Writing on paper, with pencils and pens,


Dancing and singing and laughing together,

Our hearts filled with joy, feeling light as a feather.


It will be oh so exciting, and oh so great!

I can’t wait to see you all, meet you at the gate.



Miss Bottrell