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Fantastic Friday

Have a look at our brilliant children 'taking care' each Friday as we celebrate their successes!

Friday 22nd March

Infant 1

Aleks and Leo - For taking care of their art work. They both created an Eric Carle inspired collage of a snail. Well done!

Denis - For working really hard creating an Easter story book. He wrote independently sounding out the words and remebering finger spaces. Well done!

Infant 2

Elliot - for planning and writing a fantastic story with adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. Well done!

Scarlet - for writing a fantastic story about a dragon this week. You remembered full stops and capital letters and had really beautiful handwriting. Well done!

Junior 1

Miles, Lewis, Kitty and Henry - for taking care of their infographics work. They all took time to choose appropriate graphics to go alongside their carefully typed instructions. Well done!

Junior 2

Jessie, Lissie and Anders - For taking care of their English work this week. They all produced a fantastic piece of writing based on the short film 'Delivery'.

Rhys - for taking care of his maths work. Rhys was able to demonstrate a very good understanding of equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. 

Friday 15th March

Infant 1

Arlo - for being really enthusiastic and always eager to try everything. Fantastic!

Oliver - for some brilliant writing about Palm Sunday. Oliver confidently identified the sounds he needed and recalled several diagraphs, including them in his writing. Well done!

Infant 2

Poppy and Georgia - for taking care of you science work this week. You both worked really carefully and took part in some great discussions. Well done!

Marcel - for making fantastic start to your story about a dragon.

Madison - for writing some brilliant CVC words this week with very little support.

Corey - for taking care of your maths work this week and having a good understanding of partitioning numbers into 10s and 1s.

Junior 1

Sebby, Rupert and Niamh - for taking care of your performance poetry. You all worked really hard in your groups and thought about how to use your voices effectively. 

Junior 2

Freddie - for taking care of your maths work demonstrating a fantastic understanding of equivalent fractions and percentages.

Peony and Anders - for taking care of your topic work by using the eight compass points to describe routes on a map.

Friday 8th March

Infant 1

Ella - for being really brave this week facing lots of new situations and activities. you have shown real determination and courage. Well done!

Tiger-Lilly - for listening carefully and following the instructions when completing a live draw along with a author for world book day.

Oliver - for thinking really carefully in maths this week, looking for groups within the whole and using this to find the total. Well done!

Infant 2

Theo - for showing a good understanding of halving and doubling this week.

Skye and Tilda - for both being so engaged and helpful when we went tree planting this week. You both showed the school values of service and respect and set a wonderful example to all the other children.

Junior 1

Dax - For working really hard in all his lessons this week, producing lots of fantastic work.

Well done!

Charlie - teachers have been really impressed with how you look after the other pupils in the class, both in lessons and outside. Well done!

Eizan - for settling into school really well and trying lots of new things with a really positive attitude. Well done!

Junior 2

Frankie and Theo - for demonstrating a fantastic understanding of equivalent decimals and fractions.

Ella S- for doing a fantastic job working with decimals to 3 decimal places, demonstrating a super understanding of place value.

Bruce - for doing a brilliant job working out the meanings of different Ordnance Survey map symbols.

Friday 1st March

Infant 1

Leo - for using his subitising knowledge to find the total of two groups that made 9

Aleks - for some great writing this week retelling the hungry caterpillar. Aleks worked independently, remembering finger spaces and careful letters.

Infant 2

Molly and Evie - For producing some fantastic art work exploring textures using paints.

Pippa and Layla - for some fantastic descriptive writing this week.

Junior 1

Oliver, Teddy, Ava and Isobel - for their instruction writing. They all worked really hard using their plans to write instructions on how to make an Egyptian mummy. 

Junior 2

Jessie and Dylan - for taking care of their topic work. They both did a fantastic job completing an atlas quiz in our 'Marvellous Maps' topic.

Korvin - for solving problems that involved using all four operations with fractions.

Georgie - for some fantastic work dividing fractions by whole numbers.

Friday 23rd February

Infant 1

Denis- for working really hard this week, hearing the sounds in words and writing independently. Well done!

Tiger-Lilly -  for working really carefully in art to produce a beautiful sunflower picture inspired by Van Gogh. Well done!

Infant 2

Marcel - for answering lots of questions on arrays and working hard in maths this week.

Jude - for completing some fantastic topic work and explaining the five different planting conditions. Well done!

Frazer - for fantastic recall of number bonds to 20

Junior 1

Claudie and Cole - for writing  brilliant sets of instructions using imperative verbs, time conjunctions and diagrams. They were both able to see where they had made mistakes and edit their work.





Sebby - for listening carefully this week and answering questions enthusiastically. Well done!

Junior 2

Bruce - for taking care of his English work. Bruce did a fantastic job describing setting and atmosphere, using observation, senses, imagination and feeling.

Ida-Rose, Lillie-Mae and Lauren - For taking care of their maths work. They all did a fantastic job multiplying non-unit fractions by whole numbers. Well done!

Friday 9th February

Infant 1

Arlo - for recalling all the double facts to twelve

Ella - for taking care of her work. Ella wrote this week's super sentence all by herself. Well done!

Infant 2

Jessie and Scarlet - for showing great determination in P.E. this week on the high bars. they were both feeling a bit worried but overcame this and were really successful!

Florence - for taking care of your work and participation in music this week. You were very keen to take part when creating Mars and Venus sounds. Well done!

Junior 1

Kitty and Archie - for taking care of their work in P.E. During circuit sessions they have both worked really hard to improve their technique and fitness. Well done! 

Rupert - for taking care of everything. Rupert has been working really hard in every subject, even when he finds things difficult. He has been working hard at home and helping his peers in the classroom.

Junior 2

Seb and Dylan - for taking care of their English work. They have both shown really good progress in recent reading assessments. Well done!

Ellla J - for taking care of her topic work. Ella did really good work researching and explaining how different types of mountains are formed.

Friday 2nd February

Infant 1

Oliver - for writing a brilliant super sentence this week. Oliver remembered and wrote most of it all bey himself. Well done!

Tiger-Lilly and Ella - for creating brilliant Gingerbread Man story maps. Well done!

Infant 2

Isaiah - for working so hard with his reading and moving up another book band really quickly. Well done!

Elliott - for taking care of your maths work over the last couple of weeks. Elliott grasp of money is fantastic and he has been able to solve two step problems with ease.

Layla - for creating a beautiful piece of art work this week inspired by the Northern lights.

Junior 1

Luschen - for growing confidence in maths and showing real determination. Well done!

Dax - for continuing to challenge himself in maths. Well done!

Amelia - For showing bravery and determination during our Egyptian drama day even when she found it quite challenging. well done!

Junior 2

Ida-Rose, Seth and Rex - for taking care of their topic work, drawing really good pictures of mountains and then labelling all the key features.

Heidi - for taking care of her maths work. Heidi has shown that she can confidently and accurately add and subtract fractions with different denominators.

Jessie and Theo- For taking care of their English work. They both have written  excellent informal explanations, giving feed back on a Strictly Come Dancing performance.

Friday 26th January

Infant 1

Jett - for some great work this week recognising and ordering numbers to 5.


Aleks - for writing a brilliant super sentence this week remembering finger spaces and  a full stop. 

Emilia - for working really hard with her reading, learning lots of new sounds and blending words all by herself. Well done!

Infant 2

Corey - For working really hard on your phonics this week and writing lots of words with ck in all by yourself. Well done!

Ben - for brilliant partner work this week in English finding out lots of facts about Emperor penguins.

Junior 1

Elodie, Sebby and Jamie - for making great improvements since our last times tables check. They have all clearly been practising at home. Well done!

Junior 2

Lillie-Mae, Ella, Georgie and Corvin - for taking care of your English work. You were all able to write an excellent set of instructions, including all of the required features. Well done!

Lissie - for taking care of her maths work. Lissie was able to order and complete fractions with different denominators successfully.  

Friday 19th January

Infant 1

Leo - for writing this week's super sentence all by himself, taking real care with his work. Leo always wants to do his best. Well done!

Denis - for great maths work this week. Denis was able to talk about different ways to make 5 using numicon and counters to help him. Well done!

Infant 2

Pandora - for your fantastic topic work. You used an atlas to locate the Arctic and Antarctica and you could recall various facts. Well done!

Jasmine - for doing a brilliant job using subordinating conjunctions to extend your sentences in English. Well done.


Junior 1

Phoebe - for taking care of her artwork. Phoebe showed great enthusiasm during the lesson creating prints.

Charlie and Niamh - for taking care of their descriptive writing in English. They both used lots of powerful verbs and interesting vocabulary to describe a setting. Well done!

Junior 2

Lyla - Lyla was able to match all of our Properties of Materials key words with their definitions and also demonstrated a great understanding of our investigation looking at electrical conductors and insulators. 

Frankie - for demonstrating a good understanding of mixed numbers and improper fractions, converting from one to the other. 

Rhys - for taking so much care with his sewing during D&T and showing great determination and concentration to produce an excellent finished piece. Well done!

Friday 12th January 2024

Infant 1

Ella - for writing this week's super sentence all by herself, remembering the capital letter and full stop.

Aleks - for creating a lovely story map of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Oliver - for trying really hard with his reading and has just moved onto ditties. Well done!

Infant 2

Rocco - for being an enthusiastic learner who is great at remembering facts and asking questions. Well done!

Georgia - for some incredibly neat handwriting and fantastic presentation. Well done!

Madison - for doing really well at hearing sounds in cvc words. Well done!

Poppy - for doing really well with your phonics sounds and becoming increasingly confident at using them. Well done!

Junior 1

Wade and Luschen - for thinking thoughtfully and answering questions about a story we had read.

Isobel and Miles - for working hard on the three times tables this week.

Junior 2

Rhys, Freddie and Alyssa - for writing up the rules to 'worm charming' using bullet points correctly with a colon to introduce the list and semi-colons to separate each point. Well done!

Jake and Anders - for showing a great understanding of cube numbers and solving problems related to this. Well done!

Friday 15th December

Infant 1

Leo - for some fantastic writing about the Christmas story. Leo wrote independently, sounding out all the words he wanted to write and created a wonderful nativity scene picture to go with his writing. Well done!

Arlo - for being such an enthusiastic learner. Arlo really enjoyed our work this week on circuits, creating them in variety of ways  and drawing a detailed picture of a simple circuit with care. Well done!

Infant 2

Scarlet - for writing a sentence explaining how a letter got to Santa and remembered finger spaces and a capital letter. Well done!

Pippa - For writing a brilliant description of how Holly's letter travelled to Santa's workshop. You used adjectives and adverbs and your handwriting was incredibly neat!

Molly - for being a maths superstar this week. You have been really good at identifying 3D shapes correctly. Well done!

Junior 1

Isobel - for working really hard in R.E. during a discussion about symbols in Biblical stories and Christian art. Well done!

Henry and Cole -  for both being real team players during a P.E. dodgeball lesson. You both made sure everyone got involved. Well done!

Junior 2

Dylan - for demonstrating really good progress with his performance in his end of term arithmetic test.

Peony - for demonstrating super progress with her performance in her end of term reading test.

Theo - for working really well in maths demonstrating a great understanding of square numbers.

Friday 8th December

Infant 1

Arlo, Denis and Tiger-Lilly - for creating fantastic nativity scenes taking care of their work and making sure they included all the characters. Well done!

Infant 2

Skye and Leyla - for writing brilliant versions of Farmer Duck. You both used fantastic language and vocabulary choices. Well done!

Junior 1

Teddy, Archie and Amelia - for writing a fantastic stories using lots of descriptive language about characters feelings, powerful verbs, and correctly punctuated speech. Well done!


Junior 2

Rex and Lissie - for both writing excellent extra chapters for Carrie's War, focussing on the character Albert Sandwich

Friday 1st December

Infant 1

Aleks and Ella - for some carefully drawn starry night pictures in the style of Van Gogh.

Oliver- For a fantastic super sentence this week. He remembered the sentence and worked really hard to hear and write the sounds in words. Well done!

Infant 2

Theo - for working really hard to learn his lines for our nativity play and then delivering them in a loud clear voice. Well done!

Jessie - creating a detailed storyboard thinking carefully about her plot.

Junior 1

For some fantastic English work this week -

Lewis - for a thoughtful and detailed prediction

Henry - For some brilliant editing this week. 

Rupert - for showing some impressive writing stamina this week

Niamh - for using some interesting vocabulary to make her work more interesting.

Junior 2

Anders - for a good understanding of factors and common factors this week.

Seth - for a fantastic chapter summary of chapter 3 from the the class book Carrie's War. Seth showed a good understanding of the story - Well done!

Friday 17th November

Infant 1

Ella - For some fantastic carefully drawn mehndi on our Diwali day and a great independent super sentence - Well done!

Leo - Foe some fantastic carefully drawn mehndi on our Diwali day.

Infant 2

Jude and Florence - for some brilliant English work. You both had lovely neat handwriting, remembered finger spaces and capital letters

Frazer - for brilliant fact family work in maths. Well done!


Junior 1

Dax, Ava and Kitty - for being enthusiastic learners, answering lots of questions and taking care of their learning. Well done!

Junior 2

Jake and Rhys - for taking care of their maths work You have both worked brilliantly this week demonstrating a super understanding of short division, working with great accuracy. Well done!

Friday 10th November

Infant 1

Aleks - for a fantastic independent super sentence this week. Well done!

Infant 2

Isaiah - for writing a great description of a gorilla. For making your writing so neat and remembering you finger spaces. Mrs Owen is so proud of you!

Junior 1

Teddy - Mrs Brown was very impressed with your careful addition calculations this week. Keep it up!

Junior 2

Peony - for working hard, demonstrating care and attention to detail when we created poppies for our Remembrance Day wreath

Friday 20th October

Infant 1

Ella and Leo - for taking care of your work completing it with care. You both took your time drawing round our focused shapes. Well done!

Denis- For writing a fantastic super sentence with only a small amount of help. Denis remembered the sentence and wrote a lot of the words all by himself. Well done!

Infant 2

Scarlet- For making good progress with your written work in phonics. Well done!

Pandora and Frazer - For brilliant work on your number bonds to 10. You both had great recall of the bonds and could apply your knowledge to your written work. Well done!

Ben - you took part in a class discussion where we comparing poems and had lots of brilliant ideas!

Pippa -For describing your house so well in our topic work and then drawing a brilliant sketch of it and labelling it too!

Junior 1

Ava - For taking care of her classmates. Ava has been so kind and helpful this week, making sure that those around her feel encouraged and supported. 

Henry - for taking care of his DT work. Henry has worked really hard to create an appealing pneumatic toy. He showed determination to complete the project with care.

Junior 2

Alyssa and Ella - For taking care of their maths work. They both worked brilliantly in maths this week demonstrating a super understanding of long multiplication, working with great accuracy, including solving problems.

Friday 13th October

Infant 1

Tiger-Lilly - for using the number song props independently to sing the rhymes working out correctly one less each time.


Leo - for a fantastic super sentence this week. Leo remembered and wrote the sentence independently. well done!

Infant 2

Elliott - for setting a great example to the year 1 children in Infant 2. You are so polite and helpful. I can rely on you to be a good friend to others, well done!


Madison - for trying really hard with your sounds and writing. Well done!


Molly and Georgia - for writing brilliant letters to T-Rex. You included several questions and really used your phonics knowledge. Well done!

Junior 1


Wade, Lewis, Miles and Amelia - for some detailed reports on Oymyakon. Well done !

Junior 2

Seb, Ben and Freddie - for some fantastic maths work this week. They worked hard to grasp the method of long multiplication, working with great accuracy. Well done!

Friday 6th October

Infant 1

Denis - For taking care of his work. In maths this week, Denis has been very thoughtful with his answers and taking time to get his answers right, Well done!

Arlo - For taking care of himself and his friends. Arlo played a lotto game with is friends. he was able to wait for his turn and even shared his board when we had one too many players. Well done!

Infant 2

Corey - For using neat handwriting in our guided reading session. well Done!

Marcel and Jasmine - For completing some fantastic fact families in maths. Well Done!

Rocco - For fantastic listening in P.E. Rocco followed the instructions carefully and then finished off his jumps and balances beautifully. Well Done!

Junior 1

Look at Sebby's fantastic D&T work about pneumatics. He has written a clear explanation of the two experiments he did in class and taken care to draw detailed diagrams. Well done!

Phoebe and Oliver for both producing some amazing R.E work about their life journeys so far. They both spent a long time thinking carefully about which life events to include and took time with their presentation, Well done!

Junior 2

Lyla - For taking care of her maths work. Lyla did great, accurate work using short multiplication, showing a good understanding of the method.

Heidi and Frankie - for taking care of their English work. They both did a fantastic job writing a recount of their visit to The National Holocaust Centre. Well done!

Friday 29th September

Infant 1 

Look at Aleks brilliant observational drawings of fruit and vegetables.

Well done to Denis who has worked really hard with his reading and read all the word time 2 words!

Infant 2 

Layla - for being a good, kind friend

Well done to Isaiah and Georgia for their brilliant writing.

Junior 1


Well done to Claudie and  Archie for some fantastic writing about climate zones, very informative!

Well done to Cole for always being kind, considerate and looking after his class mates.