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Welcome to your PTA
All parents and carers at Gunthorpe CofE Primary school are automatically a member. It’s your association.


What is the PTA?

Friends of Gunthorpe School (FoGS) The Parent Teacher Association is an open community of parent volunteers working alongside the school/teachers/and other “friends” to benefit the school and ensure the best educational experience for all its pupils.


Parents and care givers have a big impact on how well their kids do at school.

Taking an active role in your PTA is one of the ways you can make a difference and get involved:

• We raise money to fund school initiatives through activities and events

• We provide a social network for parents


Although a warm welcome is great, there’s more to PTA activities than home baking and serving tea:

• Any parent can be a member, and every parent has skills to bring, from graphic design to gardening; from events management to balancing the books; and from wrapping up lucky dip gifts to handing out flyers!

• Could you help?

• What skills do you have that we may need?


Drop a line to us directly if you can help to:

How you can help:
• Some of our most active mums and dads work full-time, or have other commitments

• If your child has younger siblings, the PTA is a great way to familiarise them with their future school

• We all have lives away from school, and it’s OK to say “no”

• Examples of how you can commit, either at an event or behind the scenes, include:  

  • sort second hand uniform
  • contribute to termly newsletter
  • promote easyfundraising
  • help with particular event [summer fair / discos]
  • Help with the finances/accounts

Here’s an idea at some of the fun we’ve had:

  • Wreath workshop
  • Ladies pamper evening
  • School discos
  • Refreshments at school events 
  • Friday Tuck shop after school
  • Break the rules day in school

Plus many more fun events to come.

For info on activities and events, see our twitter page  @FoGSPTA