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Late/Absence Procedures

 At Gunthorpe we believe that it is vital that children are in school on time, every day.


Children who attend school every day are more likely to:


  • Make academic progress

  • Leave school with higher academic levels

  • Develop socially and emotionally, making strong friendships with their peers

To give our children the best chances and opportunities, they must be in school. We will work hard to get children into school but we can only do it with your help and support.


Good attendance is important because:


  • Statistics show a direct link between under achievement and absence below 96%
  • Regular attenders make better progress, both socially and academically 
  • Regular attenders find school routines, school work and friendships easier to cope with
  • Regular attenders find learning more satisfying
  • Regular attenders are  more successful in transferring between primary school, secondary school, and higher education, employment and training