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Pupil Parliament

Here at Gunthorpe, we value Pupil Voice.  A brilliant and effective way of ensuring that the thoughts and opinions of the children in school are heard, is by electing members of 'Pupil Parliament'.

Each year, children are voted for by their peers.  The elected children take on the role of being spokespeople for their class.

Members of Pupil Parliament get together with members of staff throughout the year to discuss various topics to ensure that children are well supported, happy and thriving members of our school community.

Take a look at this years Pupil Parliament members.

Here are some quotes from this years Pupil Parliament members...


"I wanted to be on Pupil Parliament because I wanted to make people feel safer and happier during this hard time so that they can still learn whilst being safe" Evie Year 6


"I want to make sure this school is a welcoming place (even more than it already is). I would like to make sure that everyone feels a balance in kindness" Krishan Year 5


"I want everyone to be happy and for no one to be left out. I will make sure everyone has someone to play with" Seth Year 3



So far this year Pupil Parliament have helped staff and students in the following areas:


* Circulating pupil well being questionnaires across all classes (See results below)

* Requesting and distributing new playground equipment to all classes

* Hosting Infant and Junior Movie Nights for all classes