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Sun Safety

Dear Parents and Carers,


With the temperatures forecast to reach up to 31° tomorrow we wanted to reassure you about the additional measures that will be in place in school and how you can best support us in keeping your child safe.


The main risk from heat is dehydration (not having enough water in the body). However, if sensible precautions are taken children are unlikely to be adversely affected by hot conditions.  Please be reassured however that, teachers, assistants, will look out for signs of heat stress, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.


The following additional measures will be in place tomorrow and this week:

  • As the temperatures are forecast to be very high, staff supervising break and lunch times will reduce the amount of time spent outside by bringing children inside to play with friends for the remainder of break time.  When outside children will be taken into the shade whenever possible / appropriate
  • Access to water – children are encouraged to take water bottles with them wherever they go during the summer term so that they do not become dehydrated. Please ensure your child has a water bottle.
  • Sun cream – members of staff remind children to re-apply sun cream before outdoor break times. If children are able to wear the longer lasting 8h protection this is also advisable.  Please ensure your child has sun cream before coming to school.
  • Children should wear loose, light-coloured clothing to help keep cool and sunhats with wide brims to avoid sunburn. Please ensure your child has a hat.
  • Children will not take part in vigorous physical activity on very hot days, such as when temperatures are in excess of 30°C
  • We will open windows as early as possible in the morning before children arrive.  We will almost close windows when the outdoor air becomes warmer than the air indoors and make use of blinds. Several classrooms have air conditioning and fans which will also be used. 


Please do email me if you do have any further concerns,


Claire Bills