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Masterchef Final

On Tuesday our final 5 contestants went to Tom Browns for our Junior Masterchef competition.


They had a fantastic time and had 2 challenges to complete. The first was to create a plate of perfectly scrambled eggs. They were presented with eggs, cream, milk, butter and salt and given no further instructions! They all did a splendid job and it was very close to judge.

The second challenge was plating up a desert that Tom Browns recently served at an Alice in Wonderland event. They were each provided with a piece of strawberry cheesecake and had to plate it up after watching the head chef demonstrate.  All 5 of their desserts looked, and tasted, delicious!

It was a very close final but the winner was Erica! A huge well done, to Oliver, Jaby, Hannah and Orla who all did incredibly well and should be very proud of themselves.