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Marvellous Monday 28th June

What a fantastic week we have had whilst the weather has been sunny- sadly it doesn't look like it will last this week but get praying that it improves for our end of year events, especially the sea side day!


We announced the winners of our class fundraising competition in Marvellous Monday this morning. A huge well done to Junior 1 who raised the most (both as a class and per pupil)

Junior 1 £837.74

Infant 2: £560.25 
Infant 1: £ 283.60

Junior 2: £95

In total £1 789.90 was raised from the sponsered events! Well done Gunthorpe! 


On to our brilliant book...


Infant 1 - Kitty for lovely observational drawing of a pineapple- you included lots of details in your pineapple picture.
Sebby- for fantastic progress in reading, all that hard work in school and at home is making such a difference.


Infant 2 - Alyssa and Archie for their sea side maps including keys for the human and physical features.


Junior 1- Megan - for her fantastic science work looking at the structure of plants and especially leaves.  She used her scientific reasoning to give clear explanations.

Scarlett- for being a fantastic friend and partner to Toby whilst he has had his arm in a cast.  She always went out of her way to be supportive.

Daisy- for her fantastic effort and concentration is her GPS assessment. She worked so hard and got a brilliant score.

Frances- for fantastic maths work looking at fractions of amounts.  She used her multiplication knowledge to help her and did really well.


Junior 2- Krishan and Melissa- for their fantastic maths work solving sequences of numbers and using roman numerals.


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