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Marvellous Monday 27th September

What a fantastic, sunny week we had last week. A big well done to all the children for all their hard work. It was lovely to spend time in lots of different classes and see how settled and focused all the children are. Last week we looked at our whole school value of forgiveness and considered the theme of International Day of Peace thinking of how we can rebuild our world to be a more equitable place.  This week we are looking at service- something we know Gunthorpe children are superb at!  A big thank you for all the values slips, it is such a pleasure to celebrate when children achieve awards or push themselves to be more determined at home.  Please do keep sending them in.


On to our brilliant book:


Infant 1- Marcel, you have been working so hard in maths and showing Mrs Findlay how  you can apply this in lots of different contexts.

Molly- even though you weren't here today Mrs Findlay wanted to give you a special certificate for your reading. Even though you are only in preschool you are already on word time 5 because you are so determined and keep on practising at home. Well done Molly!

Jasmine- you are so enthusiastic and full of confidence, it has been so lovely to see you blossom and share all your fantastic ideas how you are in reception. Keep it up!


Infant 2: Jimmy - you have settled so well into the new routine in Infant 2 and Mrs Owen is really enjoying getting to know you.  Keep on trying to always do your best.

Wade- you have blown Mrs Owen away this week Wade by a real determination to put in 100% effort into everything you do. You will achieve so much if you keep on doing this.


Junior 1: Lissie- well done for your fantastic art work this week, taking your time to include detail and think carefully about the shading.

Ella S- your horrid henry story really impressed Mrs Brown and Miss Bottrell this week.  You have really shown what you are capable of and I know both your teachers can't wait to read it when it is finished.


Junior 2: Toby and Megan - well done to both of you for your fantastic work multiplying and dividing whole numbers and decimals by 10 and 100. Not an easy task but one you have both mastered so well done!