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Marvellous Monday 21st June

What a wonderful return to school the last 2 weeks has been.  We had some lovely weather and the children have just been so enthusiastic. 

We have been looking in assemblies at determination including how to rise to any challenge and always trying your best.  This week will include not giving up.  We have a fantastic example of someone who was incredibly determined and never gave up who set herself the challenge of climbing Ben Nevis. This was Summer in Junior 2.  She raised an incredible £1047 and completed it despite horrendous conditions of rain, wind and snow.  Thank you for sharing about your challenge with the school Summer.


Onto our brilliant book...


Infant 1- Wade- for knowing your odd and even numbers just using cubes last week.  You were really concentrating hard and Mrs Findlay was very impressed.

Rupert- for your brilliant explanations of floating and sinking in science.


Infant 2- Frances - for really pushing yourself to do your best with your writing. Miss Bottrell was really proud of you for your concentration and effort.

Seb- for your hard work with your multiplication tables and number bonds.  All that practise is really paying off and you are much more fluent.


Junior 1- Lucy and Freddie - both of you struggled with time when we started last Monday but by listening hard and applying yourself you are both now getting all the answers right.  Well done for your determination.


Junior 2- Summer- for your fantastic writing a story summary.

Leon- for fantastic French work especially knowing your numbers 1-20 by heart.

Harrison and Freya - for your Maths work estimating and measuring angles accurately.