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Marvellous Monday 20th September

A huge well done to all the children who worked so hard last week. It was great to hear all about all the fantastic things they had been up to, many children were chosen for demonstrating the value we were focusing on last week which was friendship.


This week we are looking at forgiveness and on Tuesday 21st September it was the International Day of Peace.  We looked together at what peace meant, how it could be spread throughout the world and our school.  


On to our brilliant book...


Infant 1- Florence- Mrs Findlay was blown away last Friday when she heard you read all of word time 1 beautifully.  It is so exciting when children start to be able to read independently, keep on practising at home Florence!

Layla A- Mrs Findlay couldn't help but choose you this week because you are such a kind friend.  You go out of your way to help everyone in your class and make sure everyone is happy and has someone to play with. Thank you for being so generous.


Infant 2- Ava - you were also in the brilliant book for friendship.  You look out for everyone, including Mrs Owen, and you are always willing to help others when needed.

Sebby- you are the writer of the week for Infant 2.  You worked so hard, concentrated on using all your sounds and really impressed Mrs Owen last week with your writing. What a super star.


Junior 1- Cara - you have been chosen for your superb attitude. You always give 100% effort to everything you do and are so determined.

Alyssa- Your writing is what really impressed Mrs Brown and Miss Bottrell last week. You learnt all about fronted adverbials and managed to use them really successfully. Keep it up!

Ella- you were Mrs Brown's super scientist this week. You made sensible predictions and she was so impressed with your ability to articulate what you had found out.


Junior 2- Mr Tyler choose Amy for her Maths this week. It was such a pleasure to see Amy's face light up because she knows Maths is a subject she has to try really hard in. It has been noticed Amy and you are doing really well!

Evie- your brilliant highway man writing impressed this week, you used a range of different devices in your writing and it read beautifully.

Frances- Mr Tyler was very impressed with your scientific skills when working on electrical circuits last week.  You were carefully and considerate and that helped you be successful!


Well done to everyone who got a certificate, I am sure this week will be equally brilliant!