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Marvellous Monday 10th January

Happy 2022! We had our first Marvellous Monday assembly today.  All this half term we will be looking at our respect value and considering respect not just in school but also how respect is important around the world.  We will be looking at a diverse range of people to see what we can learn from their stories.  We hope to challenge all children to see the world differently and grow in their respect for others.


On to our brilliant book...


Infant 1- Rozza and Marcel - for brilliant story maps for Goldilocks and then using superb story language to retell. Mrs Findlay was so impressed with the expression they used and the turns of phrase that were just like in the original.


Infant 2- Archie - amazing attitude towards swimming- Mr Tyler was so impressed at how brilliant he was every week last term.

Claudie- fantastic letter to Santa about adventures they would like to go on.  Presentation absolutely beautiful and the content is superb.


Junior 1- Anders- for fantastic reading comprehension where he really took care and thought about his answers.

Lauren- for her enthusiasm and determination in dance especially with our coach Lauren.
Jake- for fantastic effort during the Junior 1 athletics challenge especially in speed bounce, standing jump. 


Junior 2- Polly and Max - brilliant maths work last week looking at division and including fractions in your answers.

Toby- fantastic improvement in handwriting your effort has certainly been noticed so well done.