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Anti-bullying week

The theme for this weeks anti-bullying week was about reaching out. We have encouraged all children to be the change they want to see in the world. We spoke about how this links into the golden rule as part of our friendship value to love one another and treat each other like you would like to be treated.


Children came into school on Moday in odd socks to remember that everyone is different and that is something to be celebrated not a reason to be unkind.


We define bullying as hurting someone repeatedly or when there is an imbalance of power such as two or three children against one child. We have spoken about how there are different ways to hurt someone:


Physical bullying – includes pushing, shoving, biting, pinching, hitting and kicking. It could be damaging or taking someone's belongings.


It can be easier to spot physical bullying. People might see it happening and it can leave bruises.


Verbal bullying – includes name-calling, saying nasty things about someone, teasing and threats.


It is harder to tell if someone is being verbally bullied. It can be done more secretly and doesn't leave visible marks. It hurts people’s feelings and emotions and is very harmful.


Social bullying – includes spreading rumours about someone, leaving someone out on purpose, telling others not to be friends with someone or embarrassing someone in public.


We encourage all children to tell an adult if they see anyone being unkind to anyone else or if someone if being unkind to us.  We would ask that if your child ever tells you about something that concerns you, you come and speak to a member of staff. We work hard to watch children in the classroom and at playtimes but do not always see everything. If we don't know something has happened we can't do anything about it.  We would not encourage parents to use open spaces such as social media to discuss this between themselves but come and talk to us so we can help.