Welcome to Gunthorpe Church of England Primary School

    We have a new healthy snack range in the school tuck shop this term.

Welcome to the Summer Term 2016.

Remaining closure days for training this year will be:  Friday 27th May, Monday 25th July.

Ethos statement

We strive to give our children an understanding of the world that God created; their place in it, their value to it and their responsibility for it. 
Our core values are based in Christianity. They are: Friendship, Teamwork, Endurance, Wisdom, Trust, Service and Forgiveness.
Principles for learning

We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have.

Thank you for visiting!

Mr Martin Armitage
Head Teacher

Rock UK 2016

Children in Junior 2 spent a fantastic week at the Frontier Centre in Northamptonshire. Activities included Canoeing, fencing, climbing, archery and raft building.

Raft Building involved the children in discussing the design of the raft using models before working as a team to build their raft.

In open canoeing the children received their first instruction in using a paddle.

Exciting Plans for Summer Term for Junior 1.

Summer term 2016 Junior 1.

This terms plans for learning are packed with fun. Junior 1 are going swimming on Wednesdays and then ice skating on Thursdays so they won’t need their P.E. kit at all for the first half of the term.

The following are our topics for this half term:

Science – Creepy crawlies!!

We will be learning about Living things and habitats. This includes grouping and classifying living things as well as investigating local wildlife. We will cover classification using keys, how animals adapt to their environment. 

Geography – Where in the world?

We will learn the location and characteristics of a range of the world’s most significant rainforests and find out where foods come from. To do this we will use maps in atlases and online.

Design, Art and Technology

We will finish off our Pandora’s Boxes and bake.

In art we will get to know Henri Rousseau’s Surprised from 1891.You can find it at:


Carefully, we will sketch parts of the body, such as the hand and face. Leonardo Da Vinci is our inspiration  for this part of our art topic and you can find ideas about him at:


Homework will be based on maths and English to support children practicing key areas of the new curriculum in the classroom. Reading expectations remain and spellings will be weekly.

Warm regards

Sue Nolan

Castleton Residential Visit Fun Year 3 and 4.

Junior 1 had a great time in Castleton Derbyshire. Everyone had a great time away and were well behaved. We took part in many interactive activities such as making a wooden catapult by following instructions in groups, experiencing Roman War strategy by making a testudos in small groups to defend themselves against the enemy. We tested their defences by throwing muddy soft balls at these and many people were surprised at how small the hole was that let in the mud soaked balls. It was great fun and very noisy. Hungrily enjoying the ‘Full English’ available for breakfast each morning, the children started the day with full stomachs. Luckily the weather was more than we could have hoped for at this time of year. The first day was surprisingly dry and sunny all day. The stunning views from Peveril Castle were enjoyed by all. After a long day, we all enthusiastically took part in a variety of activities from gem panning to candle making!  After supper the bedrooms were scenes of readiness for inspections and finally settling down comfortably in pajamas with books and gentle chatter. The rooms were amazingly tidy and children were supportive of each other and very understanding and tolerant of different ways of going to sleep(lights on or off?)

The time in Derbyshire raced by so quickly we were back at school in a flash! Tired children were happy to arrive home to see parents.All in all a great visit. We were proud of the children for managing, what was for many, a first time away from home with such enthusiasm and team spirit!

I know the staff enjoyed it and worked hard and recognised the effort parents and children had made with getting prepared and taking part over the three days. Finally we would be happy to do it all again which is an indication of how worthwhile a trip it was.

Alex and Lennys' room

Building a catapult in teams

Building a catapult in teams

rm y4 b

 Codie and Jaby relaxing in their room..


room 4

dinner cellar archeological dig canteen

Year 4 girls room

Making testudos to defend themselves from the mud soaked balls flying their way.

Making testudos to defend themselves from the mud soaked balls flying their way.

Sue Nolan

Summer Term 2016


The great news this term is that we hope to finally have our new play equipment installed this summer. We are intending to install a jungle climber similar to this

Jumbo Jungle Climber

We also hope to replace our very tired playground markings.

Cricket Festival

Friday 26th June

Following our five week block of cricket with our coach from Trent Bridge during PE lessons this term, some of our children went to Southwell Cricket Club to take part in a festival.

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