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Week 5 Phonics

This week, both 1 and 2 have the same phonics activity.


Year 2s have been familiar with the split digraphs for quite some time.  Year 1s were introduced to split digraphs only a few weeks before the closure of school.


Feel free to go back to the Phonics PowerPoint I put together at the beginning of school closure, to recap and refresh each of the split digraphs before completing this sheet.


Also, if you wish to split each column up to complete one sound per day then feel free to do so :-)


The sounds are:

a-e 'make a cake' (action: Mixing bowl)

i-e 'nice smile' (smile with a 'ting' at the end)

e-e 'Pete the athlete' (Jog on the spot)

o-e 'phone home' (Hands up to ears in phone shape)

u-e 'huge brute' (claws out and a growl at the end!)


The children are very good at the actions and I am sure they would be happy to teach siblings and grown ups at home :-)