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Headteachers blog- w/c 19th November

Practise for Infant Nativity has been brilliant to see this week, all the children have been so busy learning their lines and the songs. Juniors have also started preparations for their concert this week and I look forward to hearing more from them over the coming weeks.  All the teachers have started preparing for Enterprise week ahead of the Christmas fair on Thursday 6th December- I wonder which class will make the most profit?!


We started the week thinking about service and about sometimes we should do things not for recognition or reward but because it is the right thing to do. Curate Simon Jones led worship on Wednesday encouraging us to think about taking responsibility for what we do and how ever action has an impact. Ask the children about the red and black ended stick, we’d love to know what they can remember!



Brilliant book this week was absolutely bursting…

Infant 1- Dylan was our super sentence writer hearing and writing down all the sounds he could hear beautifully.
Alex- created a fantastic nativity scene. She took a lot of time and care with her work.
Lauren- having made a nativity scene in class time she choose to make another one in the making area. She found her own resources and materials and remembered what we had done.


Infant 2- Lucy- Mrs Brown was so proud of Lucy’s attitude towards her maths this week. Sometimes Lucy worries about maths but she conquered her fear this week and used the part-whole model really well to add 2 digit numbers.
George and Zac- maths again! The boys have shown during maths this week not only can they use the part-whole model to add 2 digit numbers but have been able to move their thinking on and add mentally.
Toby- for brilliant ideas and enthusiasm for our ‘journey to Christmas’ work on Thursday in RE. Toby could recall so many facts, he obviously listened well and enjoyed making his book.


Junior 1- Isobel- for her excellent knowledge of the 4 times table
Kai- for his excellent progress with reading!
Pollyanna- for her excellent reasoning in science. She chose her words carefully to explain friction as a force and how the surfaces she used either slowed down vehicles or helped them travel quickly.
Sophia- for her excellent presentation, learning and application to every maths lesson. She has a beautiful maths book and I will have to come and take a photo for everyone to see Sophia!


Junior 2- Lukas and Benjamin B- working together, they both wrote an excellent character description of one of our characters in War Horse.
Oliver B and Rosie- Super maths work this week dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, as well as calculating with multiples of 10, 100 and 1000.


Next week we will be having an extra special assembly on Friday with a visit from Framework to talk about where our alternative advent calendar donations will be going.