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Headteacher blog w/c 17.9.18

Another fantastic week flew by at Gunthorpe. I had some fantastic work brought to me by Infant 2. It is always a pleasure to see the range of tasks and opportunities children at Gunthorpe have access to. From expert sports coaches, a range of music lessons, the opportunity to learn both French and Spanish….need I go on.



This week in the brilliant book we had…


Infant 1- Ava S – for coming into school with a big smile on her face (Ava only does Fridays at the moment and this is fantastic to hear!)
Frankie N-S – for coming back to school with a changed attitude. Frankie has been trying really hard with everything and showing a can do attitude. 


Infant 2- Jessie H R- When finding out about kung fu punctuation Jessie was the only one who knew the correct term for speech marks was inverted commas! The best bit is she is only in year 1!!!
Lucia T- Who worked hard to be independent when matching amounts in numbers and words.


Junior 1- Isobel S C- for her determination, energy, listening and thoughtful ideas all week! 
Sophia L- for her beautiful writing embedding speech in the story with accurate punctuation used so eloquently. 


Junior 2- Jacob J- for super maths work counting in powers of 10
Erica G- for a great piece of writing with fantastic dialogue.


We also had a bonus entry for Freya from Junior 1 who was nominated by Isobel because she helped her when she was struck at the top of the jungle climber.  She showed our school value of friendship in all its forms!