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Head Teacher Blog w/c 18th March

Thank you so much to all those parents who joined us in the hall on Monday for the FOGs meeting. It was great to see lots of faces and come up with some brilliant new ideas for how we can raise money for our school. Please do speak to Mrs Bills if you would like to find out how to get involved and what that might look like. It was lovely to see so many parents on Tuesday and Thursday evening and to be able to speak to many about how their child is getting on. Thank you for your support as working together allows your child the best possible chance to flourish and reach their potential.


On to our brilliant book.
Infant 1- Seb- for showing such an improvement in his reading. Seb has become a lot more confident and has started to blend some words in his head. Well done!

Lauren, Lillie-Mae and Rhys- they made a brilliant spiral outside, working as a team and also creating a repeating pattern, using their knowledge from last week. Fantastic work, well done!

Infant 2- Scarlett and Frankie for super maths identifying all the properties of 3D shapes correctly. They had to identify how many faces, edges and vertices without having the 3D shapes in front of them- a tricky job even for juniors Mr Tyler suggested!
Lyla P- lovely creative/ artistic attention to detail when producing a collage of the Great Fire of London. It really looks like the fire is sweeping through the city I am sure you will agree!



Junior 1- Evie- for her excellent achievement with fractions this week. She overcame her difficulties even in a subject she doesn’t always find easy. She also is incredibly helpful for Mrs Nolan every morning helping with glue!
Freya- for going the extra mile doing homework without being asked. It is worth the effort and she is doing brilliantly!
Rhona and Isobel- for their determination throughout their journey to understanding fractions.


Junior 2- Jaby he has put a lot more effort with his writing recently, particularly with his mystery story and DARE report.
Orla- for writing a really good DARE report. She really thought about the features that she needed to include.