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Faith at home

Thumbs Up assembly - "What's in the middle?"

Easter service 2021 Gunthorpe Primary School

Rogers Easter 2021 assembly

Thursday 2nd March assembly- Lent temptation

Thu 25th Lent Assembly 1

Psalm 139- Mrs Bills Thursday Assembly

Psalm 136- Mrs Bills Thursday assembly

Mrs Bills Thursday assembly- Psalm 67

Psalm 23- Mrs Bills Thursday assembly

"I once was frightened" - Roger's Thumbs Up! assembly

A primary school assembly considering our fears

Psalm 1 assembly

This is our first Thursday assembly with Mrs Bills - this week we look at psalm 1

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"Welcome Back!" - Roger's Thumbs Up! assembly

Primary school assembly

"Let's get ready to go!" - Roger's Thumbs Up! assembly

Rogers latest Assessmbly- Lets make a difference

Primary school assembly