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Today you will become Samuel Pepys!


You are going to write a DRAFT diary entry as if you are back in time on Monday 3rd September 1666, looking at the fire spreading from Pudding Lane and through the town from your window!


Using the example diary entry from yesterday and your bank of ideas, record sentences to explain what you saw, heard, smelled and how you felt watching the terrifying fire.


Remember you are talking about what you saw earlier that day so you are writing in the past!


You will be using past tense words such as:

shouted, jumped, ran, raced, yelled, crashed, feared, cried, screamed, pulled, ripped etc.


Don't forget to record the date at the top - Monday 3rd September 1666


and begin with...


Dear Diary,


Year 1s - use 'and' to join ideas together

Year 2s - use 'and' 'but' 'so' 'or' 'because' to join ideas together and provide more information.


Both year groups - Challenge yourselves to use a question (?)