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Afternoon Work

This afternoon I would like you to practise your skills at reading aloud to an audience.


Using your 'Eyewitness report' from this mornings English lesson I would like you to become that character and read your report aloud in your best speaking voice. This means it must be clear and with expression....remember you are not going to sound joyful and happy but instead you will be worried and panicked!


Practice reading it aloud a few times before asking someone to record you.  It would be fantastic if you could send them to me at


You could maybe dress up or use props so that you look like a person in as creative as you like!


I have also found another Horrible Histories Video Clip that I thought you might like to watch afterwards. Please find it below.

Horrible Histories Slimy Stuarts How to start the Great Fire of London

Please read description! Horrible Histories if you (owners) want to REMOVED this video, PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY. We will(Respectfully) remove it. U...