Momo challenge

You will probably already have heard news reports or seen links via social media about the Momo Challenge. Although this is now being reported as a hoax, the reports and warnings could still cause distress to children – there are so often things that happen online that can be misleading or frightening and some things that are specifically designed to get a lot of attention! Should you require any further information or advice, I have attached a ‘Top Tips for Parents’ guide published by National Online Safety which relates to this challenge.

In school, we have answered some questions about this subject with our older children as a number of them have heard news reports or spoken to older siblings or parents about it. More generally, we are using this as an opportunity to remind children about basic online safety advice and making sure they know to talk to an adult about anything they see or are asked to do that makes them feel scared, worried or uncomfortable. 

As parents, you could take the opportunity to review privacy settings on devices and consider how your child accesses the internet. Parents of younger children may also want to install YouTube Kids, a more controlled version of YouTube intended for families, for better control of what young children may come across online. 

90kg Fair Trade Rice Challenge

As mentioned in the newsletter that went out just before half term, we are supporting fair trade fortnight at Gunthorpe launching this week with the 90kg rice challenge. This challenge is taken by over 800 schools, churches and fair trade groups across the county.

It is an opportunity to think of innovative ways to sell the rice and to encourage and inspire children to understand what fair trade means. 90kg is the amount of rice a farmer in Malawi has to sell to enable him to send a child to secondary school for a year. This is an opportunity these Malawian children would not otherwise get and one which we, working together as a school, can provide. We have ordered 90 1kg bags of rice and these will be available to purchase directly from school.

You are welcome to come into school and pay via cash or cheque or you can order via parent pay. Each bag costs £3.05 and there is no limit on how many you can purchase until they are all sold! We will be having a competition to see which class can sell the most bags and the individual pupil who sells the most will win a fair trade Easter egg.

Headteachers Blog w/c 11th February

I do hope you have managed to have a read of the February newsletter which came out today- it is bursting full of exciting news from Gunthorpe.

This week a special well done to the year 3/4 Athletics team who did brilliantly coming 5th out of 11 teams, some of which came from much bigger schools! They stayed determined and worked so hard as a team to support each other throughout. It was a privilege to be there with them.

Also special mention to our Junior prayer team who led the prayer morning on Wednesday this week- more detail in the newsletter but they all showed such respect and made the morning truly memorable for all involved.

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Super sentence writer this week was Autumn for sounding out a lot of her words independently and knowing the red word ‘the’. Autumn is so determined and making brilliant progress!
Ben- For challenging himself in maths and asking to do more! Ben completed the missing number challenges to 20, then 50 and then 100! Well done Ben!

Infant 2- Writer of the week: Laci-Mai Harrison for her fantastic writing about being a servant in a Victorian household. Laci-Mai included conjunctions and determiners in her writing.
Toby- for always showing thought and care by offering to help anyone in the class.
Lyla M- for brilliant spelling of Red words and using her phonics knowledge beyond year 1 expectations! Keep it up!

Junior 1- Aleena and Chloe- for both working really hard in their fractions work. Mr Hall has been really impressed with their knowledge and effort.
Oliver- for his excellent maths thinking and thoughtful learning. He always asks great questions to help him learn and understand all the time!
Thomas- Miss Bottrell was sat doing her planning when she over heard Thomas reading with a parent helper. She was so impressed with his tone, expression and fluency. It was so lovely to hear!

Junior 2- Hannah- last week Hannah scored 100% on a practise maths SAT reasoning test. What an incredible achievement!
Harriet- For really good maths work on equivalent fractions with different denominators.

We hope you have a fantastic half term and look forward to welcoming all the children back on Monday 25th February when we launch our fair trade fortnight and 90kg rice challenge!

Headteacher blog w/c 4th Feb

Last week was a fantastic jam packed week full of different and fun things! Infants enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year on Tuesday. We also had the brilliant Disco organised by FOGS on Wednesday raising an amazing £134 for school which will cover the cost of our exciting World Book Day plans. A big thank you to all the children who attended, parents and staff who helped.

Junior 2 took part in #SaferInternetDay learning about the importance asking and giving consent before sharing information online. This was my favourite reflection of the lesson (excuse the spelling error):

I also asked the children what their parents don’t know about social media. Here was some of their responses:

  • I watch videos on the internet and sometimes my parents don’t know
  • I chatted on Roblox when I wasn’t meant to
  • They don’t know how to play fortnite
  • That people send me messages including swearing
  • That I troll people

Please do take the opportunity to talk to your child, no matter their age, about how to stay safe online. There are some fantastic resources available here  and

On to our brilliant book:

Infant 1- Super sentence writer was Seb- he tried really hard with his writing and wrote the words by himself. Seb has now mastered pressing hard with his pencil- Well done!
Ben- for fantastic reading this week. Mrs Findley can tell Ben has been reading lots at home and he is always eager to read in class too.

Infant 2- Frances- for brilliant suffix work
Freddie- for being a super mathematician especially with his multiplication
Lucia- for her beautiful manners at all times. Keep it up Lucia!

Junior 1- Olivia and Krishan for well written persuasive Harry Potter studio explanation posters. They have both been really motivated by this topic and enjoyed sharing their wonderful writing.

Junior 2- Rosie, Oliver and Katy- for making the boat which held the most weight in their science investigation. They spoke very articulately about the forces they had to consider and had obviously worked well as a team.

Well done to all children and we look forward to a fantastic final week of term!