Ice Skating

Children Infant 2 and Junior 1 have been following in the footsteps of Torville and Dean this term with a course on ice skating provided partly by sport premium funding. Every Thursday children in Years 1-4 have been taken to the National Ice Centre for some coaching and development. It has been amazing how the children have progressed form being afraid to move to skating on one leg ad turning round on the ice.

Many of the children have seen their speed gradually creep up as their fear of falling as decreased.

Quotes from the children say it all…

“I didn’t really want to go but in the end it was exciting and I really enjoyed it” Harriett Y1

Joy Y2 “At first I was really scared but at the end of the fifth week I was really good at skating”

“It was brilliant! The first time I got on the ice, I was terrified but I got better and better” Jacob Y1.

Infant children in raining ready for take off

Isabella Y3 “When I started ice skating, I had to hold onto the side.   But now I can skate without holding on”

Jasmine Y4 “The coaches were lovely, helpful and honest with us about how we were doing”

Look at me now gently does it