Headteacher blog w/c 3rd December 2018

What a Christmas filled week it has been! On Wednesday we had a very successful seniors sing-a-long with over 25 members of the community coming to join us for some very moving singing. Well done to all the children who took part and sang so beautifully we have had some lovely feedback from those who came.

On Thursday we held our Christmas Fayre selling products all the children had been hard at work making all week. Here are Infant 1, Infant 2 and Junior 2’s adverts…

Junior 1 produced a fantastic powerpoint presentation all about their products and the reason for producing them here Our First Christmas to Save Our Planet

The final results for the amount of profit made was:
Infant 1- £61
Infant 2- £33.05
Junior 1- £38.86
Junior 2- £43.17
GOSH (donated to Gardening club) £26.60
Making a total of £202.68!!!

Onto our Brilliant book…

Infant 1- Ben – for fantastic reading this week. Ben is not only blending really well but recognising some red words in his book as well.
Lillie-Mae- has been brilliant in our nativity play rehearsals.  She can always be heard singing out really well and joining in all the actions.

Infant 2- Lyla and Seth- for consistently being amazing in their delivery of their lines during the nativity rehearsals. 
Scarlett- Writer of the week this week for some stand out writing about the twits.

Junior 1- Krishan- for his well written complex sentences using subordinate conjunctions. They were well thought out, totally independent and beautifully presented.
Evie H- for a range of different types of sentences included in her paragraph of independent writing. She used questions and exclamations in a very effective manner. Keep it up!

Junior 2- the whole class were in the brilliant book this week for really impressing Mr Gething and Mr Tyler so much during Enterprise week, working brilliantly as a team.

The lacrosse team also deserve a special mention for great determination and never giving up despite not winning a goal. There was some fantastic defending and goal scoring but their team work shone through throughout. 

Please check your email for the December newsletter  available on the website or being emailed out today!

Headteacher blog w/c 26th Nov

This week has been full of sporting celebrations with children from both Junior classes taking part in a multiskills and a futsal tournaments.  Mr Tyler accompanied both groups of children and said the children were a real credit to the school on both occasions. It was fantastic to have them all up to celebrate in assembly.

Sue Waterston from Framework came to join us for our fantastic Friday assembly to talk about where our donations for the Alternative Advent calendar will be donated and how important they are to their service users. We look forward to seeing all the donations the children bring in over December as we count down to Christmas.


On to our Brilliant book..

Infant 1- Anders you were the super sentence write and Mrs Findley was so impressed at you writing every phoneme correctly in the sentence. Well done!
Lauren- you have made a wonderful clay decoration. Lauren took a lot of time and care over her work and had her own ideas about how to decorate it.

Infant 2- Jacob- for perseverance when doing column addition in maths including carrying ones.
Hudson- for improved presentation and determination to do more in all his work

Junior 1- Melissa- for completing her times tables 12×12 card. Now the challenge is to keep them sharp!
Riley- for trying really hard and focusing with Mrs Dewick in you extra English sessions.
Harrison- for being kind and considerate of others without even having to be asked.  You offer to help and always give of yourself without hesitation.  What a superb example of our service value you are!

Junior 2- Archie, Jack and Jacob- Mr Getthing is exceptionally proud of all 3 of you for working so hard in maths this week.  Each one of you has produced outstanding work so well done!
Tyler- for producing an wonderful letter in your own time at hoe.  The letter was based on a piece of work they were producing in English.  Tyler has exceeded expectations so well done you.

Finally just a reminder you are all very warmly welcome at St Marys Church, Lowdham this Sunday at 10.30am for their Christingle service.

Image may contain: text that says "St. Mary's Church, Lowdham invites you to their Christingle Join us to celebrate Jesus, the Light of the World 10.30a.m Sunday, 2nd December 2018"

Headteachers blog- w/c 19th November

Practise for Infant Nativity has been brilliant to see this week, all the children have been so busy learning their lines and the songs. Juniors have also started preparations for their concert this week and I look forward to hearing more from them over the coming weeks.  All the teachers have started preparing for Enterprise week ahead of the Christmas fair on Thursday 6th December- I wonder which class will make the most profit?!

We started the week thinking about service and about sometimes we should do things not for recognition or reward but because it is the right thing to do. Curate Simon Jones led worship on Wednesday encouraging us to think about taking responsibility for what we do and how ever action has an impact. Ask the children about the red and black ended stick, we’d love to know what they can remember!

Brilliant book this week was absolutely bursting…

Infant 1- Dylan was our super sentence writer hearing and writing down all the sounds he could hear beautifully.
Alex- created a fantastic nativity scene. She took a lot of time and care with her work.
Lauren- having made a nativity scene in class time she choose to make another one in the making area. She found her own resources and materials and remembered what we had done.

Infant 2- Lucy- Mrs Brown was so proud of Lucy’s attitude towards her maths this week. Sometimes Lucy worries about maths but she conquered her fear this week and used the part-whole model really well to add 2 digit numbers.
George and Zac- maths again! The boys have shown during maths this week not only can they use the part-whole model to add 2 digit numbers but have been able to move their thinking on and add mentally.
Toby- for brilliant ideas and enthusiasm for our ‘journey to Christmas’ work on Thursday in RE. Toby could recall so many facts, he obviously listened well and enjoyed making his book.

Junior 1- Isobel- for her excellent knowledge of the 4 times table
Kai- for his excellent progress with reading!
Pollyanna- for her excellent reasoning in science. She chose her words carefully to explain friction as a force and how the surfaces she used either slowed down vehicles or helped them travel quickly.
Sophia- for her excellent presentation, learning and application to every maths lesson. She has a beautiful maths book and I will have to come and take a photo for everyone to see Sophia!

Junior 2- Lukas and Benjamin B- working together, they both wrote an excellent character description of one of our characters in War Horse.
Oliver B and Rosie- Super maths work this week dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, as well as calculating with multiples of 10, 100 and 1000.

Next week we will be having an extra special assembly on Friday with a visit from Framework to talk about where our alternative advent calendar donations will be going. 

Headteachers blog w/c 12th November

We started this week with odd socks to raise awareness of Anti-bullying week and it was brilliant to hear the children talk so articulately about how important it is we celebrate our differences and make our school a colourful joyful place to be.

We had 2 days of parents evening where it was brilliant to see and hear how well children are settling into life at Gunthorpe, many of who are with a new teacher. If you haven’t had a chance to please do fill in the comments and suggestions sheets as we love to read your thoughts on our school.
We ended with Children in Need and all the children and staff looked fantastic. We raised a brilliant £125.20 and a special well done to Junior 1 who won the duck race with James Pond. Watch the full race here

On to our brilliant book..
Infant 1 super sentence writer was – Ben – who is really trying to hear all the sounds in his words and has done brilliantly this week.
Well done also to Autumn for really trying to put sounds together to read words and showing real determination to keep trying even when she finds it difficult.

Infant 2- Leo- for excellent progress in his maths and being able to prove his answers
Megan- for excellent service noticed by several adults in the school to quote Miss Bottrell “every class needs a Megan!”
Wonderful writers this week were Frankie and Cameron- especially trying hard with their handwriting and presentation

Junior 1- well done to Sophia for being the first year 4 to complete her 12×12 tables challenge. Now she just needs to retain all that knowledge!
Harrison and Thomas – for super progress with joining, keep it up and make sure the quality of your sentences remains as good as it is now!

Junior 2- Lukas- excellent work in maths this week on common multiples and mental calculations Mr Tyler was incredibly impressed.
George- 2 weeks in a row you have impressed Mr Getthing with your maths- today you completed 2 worksheets of calculations using multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 in one lesson so well done and keep it up!

We also congratulated all of year 6 who had represented our school so well at Toot Hill Arts Academy and spoke to the whole school about the art, D&T, dance and other activities that they had been doing. Looks like we need to include some more design and technology into our school curriculum as they all really enjoyed that.


Headteachers blog w/c 5.11.18

Today has been a truly memorable day where all the preparation we put into Remembrance Day really showed. The children held the minutes silence with such respect and care.  They have really amazed all the staff with their demonstration of all the values and it was really special. 


Thank you to the parents who joined us this week.  We invited the parents of those children who were put forward from Gunthorpe to be entered into the Parliament at Christmas competition (Ben B won last year!) Big well done to : Seth, Benjamin B, Oliver, Erica, Lukas, Evie, Summer, Ali, Anders, Lyla and Alex B and good luck!

We also had a brilliant group of year 5 girls at an indoor rowing festival on Wednesday and they talked to all in assembly about it today they were still buzzing! 

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Rhys – super sentence writer for really concentrating on hearing all his sounds in the words
Lauren – for some amazing blending.  We can really tell the practise you have been doing at home!

Infant 2- Frankie, Frances and Ella J- for fantastic maths work showing understanding of number bonds and the related subtraction and addition

Junior 1- Chloe and Connie- for their dedication to progress in their writing. The values day writing was well thought out and good quality
Thomas- for the quantity and quality of his maths – very well thought out explanations

Junior 2- George- for fantastic work on inverse operations in maths, George showed real dedication to complete his homework accurately.
Benjamin B and Erica- for both writing super recounts of our remembrance day values day
Orla- for being noticed by several members of staff for being so helpful and supportive with children in Infant 1, especially Rupert during his first week.


Headteachers blog w/c 22nd Oct

What a brilliant week to end this half term- we started off with our fantastic values day and are so proud of the amazing art work the children produced to celebrate 100 years of remembrance . Our local curate Simon Jones was involved as the children went to the church to see the memorial plaque.  He was incredibly impressed by the children’s reflections on forgiveness whilst they were there.

We ended the week with a visit from Bishop Paul who also commented on the focused and positive atmosphere all around school- it was a pleasure to show off how fantastic Gunthorpe is! I feel like I have always been here and a big thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome.

On to our brilliant book. Well done to…
Infant 1- Ben- for working really hard with his reading and writing. He has become so good at reading and blending words he has taken a reading book home this week.
Super sentence writer: Lillie-Mae- for remembering her sentence and writing it all on her own! Well done!

Infant 2- Frankie- great attention to detail when producing a self portrait made of clay- photo to follow!
Jessie- for brilliant maths work with Mrs Brown. Jessie is only in year 1 and can already tell the time to o’clock and half past. She is already beginning to understanding quarter past!

Junior 1- Harrison- for both his improved joined handwriting and his work in maths all week
Evie- for her progress and care with spelling but also for being a brilliant buddy to whoever needs it!

Junior 2- Oliver- fantastic maths work using inverse operations to reason and solve problems.
Katy- for super work with Mr Gething up levelling and improving a paragraph of her writing. Really thinking about her vocabulary choices.

Finally just a reminder to have a lovely half term. Relaxed and I hope the weather is kind to us all. I hope  you are able to join us at the church on Sunday 4th November.