Headteachers blog w/c 28th January

We had a fantastic week with a group of year 4 children representing our school at Nottingham Girls High School developing their reading, writing and speaking skills. Mrs Nolan was beaming with pride at the way they showed respect and joined in with the activities with children from many other schools. Well done Aleena, Kyle, Oliver and Chloe!

We also had over 10 applications from junior pupils to be part of our prayer team looking at how we develop prayer at Gunthorpe. I am very excited to meet with them next week to plan our first day of prayer which will be on Wednesday 13th February.

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Super Sentence Writer this week- Frankie- for working so hard with his handwriting, he used his strong fingers and showed a real can do attitude. Such brilliant concentration throughout and he even completed a fantastic picture to go with his writing.
Ava and Bella- these two girls are in Preschool but have been trying really hard with both phonics and maths this week. They have been really enthusiastic learners and Mrs Findlay said there faces were beaming as if they were being given a present when she said they could play with the resources after the carpet session! What super stars!

Infant 2- Zac- for super maths on Thursday. He was able to accurately calculate change when given a problem and even managed 2 step worded problems! Zac worked so hard independently Mrs Brown was incredibly impressed.
Daisy and Jacob- for improved handwriting and presentation in their writing. They now take such pride in their work!
Writer of the week: Georgie- for a huge improvement in her writing across all subjects. Including capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and lovely letter formation.

Junior 1- Rhona- Mr Hall was absolutely blown away by Rhona this week. She has worked so hard in maths looking at perimeter completing all her work and getting it all correct! Rhona’s has worked equally hard in writing checking her spellings when writing up her Harry Potter description. Well done Rhona, keep it up!
Max- for his application to solving multiplication problems on mathletics. He took his time read, thought and produced accurate models and arrays to help him understand the questions. He even taught Mrs Nolan something new.

Junior 2- Sam and Katy- for really good maths work finding the area or perimeter of different shapes
Tyler- Great work using formulas to calculate the area of triangles and parallelograms.
Orla- for a fantastic piece of reading comprehension work on the life of Stephen Hawking

What a fantastic week – we also had a line of values slips so long it filled the hall. Thank you again for your continued support with this. We had 3 children receive their Service Certificates for completing their flower on their chart. Well done Cameron (Infant 2), Connie (Junior 1) and Erica (Junior 2). Next week we continue looking at our whole school value of Friendship- Listen to each other.

Headteachers blog w/c 21st Jan

We had a brilliant week last week with more sporting activity for our year 5 and 6s. Both a girls and boys team attended the indoor rowing tournament with the Boys finishing 11th out of 22 teams and the girls 12th out of 21 teams. A lot of the schools were much bigger and many of which had their own rowing machine to train on! A fantastic effort from all children and a special mention to Hannah who was so determined she carried on even when her shoe came off!!

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Super sentence writer this week was Jake for writing all by himself. He segmented every word brilliantly and kept checking. A real super star.
Alex and Lillie-Mae made beautiful multicoloured coats when looking at the story of Joseph during RE. They both took great care with their work.

Infant 2- Freddie- for being really focused and engaged during carpet time and putting his hand up lots to share ideas and answer questions.
Georgie- for having constant enthusiasm and a ‘have a go’ attitude to absolutely everything! She is always happy, smiley and fun to be around!
Ella- Mrs Brown was so impressed with her maths on Friday. She proved to herself she can do it! She was able to count counts in 2s and 10s. Brilliant!

Junior 1- Kai has demonstrated extremely high levels of enthusiasm after going home and taking it upon himself to finish his English research homework on Harry Potter. Mr Hall was really impressed as were his parents as they had also completed a values slip for the determination he showed when completing it!

Thomas- for his consistently beautiful handwriting. Throughout the week Thomas has made great progress because of his extra effort.

Junior 2- Hannah- for a wonderful job in her group’s Dragon’s Den pitch for the Doggie Luggage invention. Sounds very intriguing!
Ben B (yr6)- For consistently working hard and producing work of a high standard that is presented neatly and clearly.

One final mention to Rhys in infant 1 for his effort writing his very own superhero book last week. Rhys spent a long time working very hard on his illustrations, writing and stickers. It was absolutely fantastic to see how enthusiastically he spoke about it when he brought it to show me. Well done Rhys!

Headteacher blog w/c 14th Jan

Last week was a fantastic week full of sporting achievements with a year 5/6 futsal team doing brilliantly- showing real determination and team work. We also had a first outing for our year 3/4 athletics team who came 4th out of 8 teams and really impressing Mrs Nolan with their sportmanship and confidence to try different sports after very minimal training! Photos hopefully to come…

On to our brilliant book

Infant 1- Super sentence writer went to Lauren for trying really hard with her writing generally. She is beginning to use her sounds and remembering more and more graphemes (letters) when writing, a big well done!
Ben and Rhys have made fantastic story maps of the three little pigs. Both of them showed great determination and a ‘can do’ attitude when completing them.

Infant 2- Ava & Jessie- for excellent maths with making the same amount different ways with the year 2s!
Lyla- for excellent pictorial representation of solving subtracting crossing 10 boundaries with numbers to 100!
Writer of the week- Jack- for increased stamina and great concentration when writing his 3 little pigs story on Monday.

Junior 1- Rhona- for her effort and energy completing extra work with determination and perseverance.
Kai- for great independent maths work x10 and x100. Such great effort and focus.
Jaimin- for playing the guitar beautifully in both assembly and class. We are looking forward to seeing what a difference professional lessons will make.
Ali and Carla- for their unfailing positive attitude and energy towards work every lesson. For finishing work and staying enthusiastic- Mrs Nolan just wants to say a big thank you!

Junior 2- Sam – great English work writing out bullet points, punctuated correctly with a colon and semi- colons.
Orla and Rosie- super maths work using a systematic approach to finding factors and common factors.

We are looking forward to another fantastic week thinking about being helpful and kind as part of our Friendship value. Please do take the opportunity to fill in a values slip for your child. Our display in the hall is looking brilliant so thank you for your support.

Headteacher blog w/c 7.1.19

Welcome to the first blog post of 2019. It has been a fantastic first week back for this new term and it was lovely to see all the children back and enthusiastic after the Christmas holidays.

We like to start as we mean to go on at Gunthorpe. Infant 2 and Junior 1 had PE with Lauren a specialist Dance instructor starting this week. We had a new gymnastics club for Infants start on Friday after school which they all really enjoyed. Junior 2 started the DARE project Friday afternoon and plans are already afoot for trips and visitors over this half term. Look out for January newsletter and dates list very soon!

Onto our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Jake was the super sentence writer having really impressed with his independent writing and including the red word ‘go’.
Seb- was also included for his brilliant knowledge about birds in winter. He joined in the discussion telling his class that Sparrow Hawks eat little birds and blackbirds eat berries in the garden. What great remembering- who needs David Attenborough!

Infant 2- A big Gunthorpe welcome to Henry who has settled in brilliantly, making new friends and using good manners.
Lucia was one of the writers of the week for her determination to be independent and use her sounds to write words to describe the big bad wolf.
Lucy was also a writer of the week for her beautiful retelling of the story of Epiphany using detail, description and perfect handwriting. Well done to you both girls!

Junior 1- Krishan- for being the best he can be in all subjects. Answering questions intelligently, writing with careful presentation and listening to the details in learning tasks.
Freya- for an excellent piece of maths. Freya worked neatly and with care calculating number sentences getting progressively harder and showing her working.

Junior 2- Archie- for super maths work this week using short division, including with remainders, to reason and solve problems.