Roof leak

Unfortunately whilst the school roof was being replaced over the holidays we have experienced a leak during a particularly heavy downpour which damaged the ceilings and carpets in several classrooms. We just wanted to reassure parents that all measures have been put in place to ensure that school will still be open and ready for all pupils to start back on Thursday 6th September as planned.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all staff for their hard work and commitment through this challenging time.

Mrs Bills and Mrs Brown

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Head Teacher Blog w/c 13th May

Firstly a big well done to all our year 6 for their incredible example to the whole school of how to complete their SATS with a big smile on their faces (or maybe that was just relief that it was over!) They showed such determination throughout and certainly rose to the challenge. Mr Tyler put them all in the brilliant book for their calm, mature attitudes working so hard. They showed friendship to support each other throughout especially if someone had run out of time or felt frustrated after. We are incredibly proud of them all!

We also had a large team of juniors compete in a tri golf event learning how to put, chip for distance and chip for accuracy. They all enjoyed it and are looking forward to learning more golf skills in Junior 2 after half term. Finally this week Florrie, Jiamin and Melissa all from year 4s – went to Nottingham High School for a murder mystery challenge. They conducted some scientific experiments and told all of us in assembly about what happens when you put fire near hydrogen and helium- why not ask your child to see if they can remember?

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Well done to Alex for showing the value of friendship. She helped Autumn and Lauren to be friends again and help them to say sorry- also learning about our value of forgiveness.
Seb- for making a fantastic bug book. Seb chose to make a book and wrote a sentence for each bug. Well done!

Infant 2- Leo- for super careful art work when painting our rainbow fish.

Laci- Mai- determination to complete lots of extra maths work plus completing extra challenges!
Heidi and Hudson- for beautiful expressive reading especially during guided reading.
Writers of the week- Seth (yr1) and Amy (yr2) – have a look at their fantastic rainbow fish writing

Junior 1- Isobel- for her excellent effort in everything this week- especially maths assessments and tennis!
Evie H- for a positive attitude and approach to everything! Working hard, thinking and being a great tennis partner this afternoon!

Junior 2- Ben W- for great maths work this week especially rounding decimals. Ben explained he did over 60 sums! Great concentration and determination!
Jacob- for really good work subtracting decimals.

Head Teacher blog w/c 6th May

What a fantastic week it has been and what a lot we seem to have squeezed into 4 days. Our lacrosse team played their final tournament of the year winning their final game 3-1. They gave an excellent match report in our fantastic Friday assembly and spoke about how they felt everything came together being able to work as a team, defend well and be able to score. Well done for never giving up!

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Writer of the week- Seb- for using his phonics when writing independently. He has been using the writing area lots and has enjoyed making signs for the classroom this week. My favourite were ‘ you must be good’ and ‘don’t tread on the toys’.
Autumn- Mrs Findley was really impressed with Autumn’s can do attitude all this week. She has been really concentrating on her reading and writing especially.

Infant 2- Writer of the Week- Zac- for his fantastic use of vocabulary in his writing about an under the water adventure!

Toby- For always understanding the importance of telling the truth and following rules to help make good choices.

Lucy- for great maths work reading scales with missing numbers

Junior 1- Kai- excellent independent maths work followed by brilliant spellings. You have been working so hard all week Kai. Well done.
Carla- for progress and and taking care more recently. You are writing neatly, spelling well and checking all the way through your writing! Keep it up!

Junior 2- Lukas – for making super progress with his reading 
Hannah- for 50 out of 50 on our most recent GPS (Grammar) test. No easy achievement as all the teachers will testify!

We just want to take this opportunity to wish all our year 6’s good luck for next week and we know they will do brilliantly!

Headteacher blog w/c 29.4.19

What a fantastic week it has been! We started the week looking at our value for this half term of Determination and our Always try your hardest petal. We heard from Will Smith who puts his success down to his work ethic not his natural talent.

Our boys football team played showing Determination on Monday. Whilst they lost 3-0 they played a very strong team from Orston and defended magnificently never giving up. Well done for representing our school so well boys!

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Frankie- for some fantastic handwriting. Frankie pressed really hard with his pencil and used strong writing fingers. Your writing really is getting brilliant now Frankie so keep it up!
Alex- for showing real determination and a can do attitude when writing her Jack and the Beanstalk story. Well done!

Infant 2- Freddie- for super independent maths showing all possible + and – number sentences for his number bonds to 10
Lucia- for fantastic phonics when doing hold a sentence using split diagraph ‘e-e’
Lyla M- for excellent effort with her homework both in presentation and creativity. We were all very impressed with your Octopus!
Writer of the week- Cameron- for great use of facts to write a letter to explain why a Blue whale couldn’t possibly be in a garden pond. A* for presentation!

Junior 1- Sophia, Ali, Oliver and Jiamin- for their high quality writing using fronted adverbials, word choices and conjunctions in good sentences.  We read one of their diary entries out and it really was superb!

Junior 2- Hannah- super maths work using algebra to find rules for number sequences.

Ben- for writing a really good newspaper report on Flying pigs

Erica- for her excellent attitude and always striving to produce high quality work.  Erica is always happy to help and is a model of good behaviour.

SIAMS report

We are delighted to be able to share out our latest SIAMS report. The inspection took place before the Easter holiday and the school was judged to be Good in all areas.

We are particularly proud that during the inspection it was noted that Gunthorpe was found to have “a culture where everyone is valued for whoever they are or whatever they want to be”.  It was also commented that “Pupils flourish in the school, demonstrating progress academically, socially and spiritually”.  

Thank you to all parents who spoke to the inspector we were very pleased with all his findings and agree with the areas of development for how we can take the school forward.

Claire Bills

Headteachers Blog w/c 22.4.19

Well it might have been a short week but it has definitely been a fun filled one at Gunthorpe! I have seen some fantastic learning taking place and children have come back to school with superb attitudes to learning. We are all looking forward to the sunshine lasting into the summer term. A big thank you and good bye to Miss Simister who has been fantastic working with Infant 1 and our prayer team all last term. She finishes her placement today and has been brilliant, we will all miss her lots. A big welcome back to Mr Gething who Junior 2 are very pleased to see back and look forward to having with us until the end of the year.

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Well done to all the children who entered the 500 word competition. A special congratulations to Connie who got through to the final 5,000 out of over 100,000!

On to our brilliant book

Infant 1- Ben, Jake and Anders- for some fantastic work on one more and one less using numbers up to 1000! They all concentrated well and finished their work quickly getting it all right!
Lauren- For writing a brilliant story about a giant, it was so creative and she drew some lovely pictures to go with it.

Infant 2- Jessie- for fantastic mental addition of 2 digit numbers when solving word problems. She finished the year 1 work and then worked her way through the year 2 ones too. What a brilliant mathematician!
Megan and Cam- for fantastic improvement in their practice SATS reading papers. They really showed they had been listening to Miss Bottrell’s advice and put it into practise!
Georgie- for fantastic reading aloud to the class during their geography lesson including unfamiliar words such as ‘area’ ‘percent’ ‘surrounding’ and ‘coast line’ you really blew Miss Bottrell away!

Junior 1- Kyle – for his excellent maths responses during a lesson on division. He remembered the methods, language and could explain his understanding. Not only that but Mrs Nolan was so impressed with your focus and concentration in maths all well. Well done!
Amber- for some brilliant writing including fronted adverbials.

Junior 2- Jaby and Tyler- for working so hard over the Easter holiday and coming back so focused and impressing Mr Tyler. They have especially impressed with some work this week multiplying decimals.

Head Teacher Blog w/c 1st April

We finally made it to the last week of the Spring term and what a fantastic week it has been. It was such a pleasure to walk around school today seeing the children enjoy Easter Egg hunts, whole class rewards and more.

We had a fantastic Easter service on Thursday, thank you so much to all those parents who joined us. We heard afresh the Easter story read by Junior 2 and thought about how each part prepared for Jesus, the light of the world, having to die and then the fantastic news of his resurrection! Thank you to Rev Simon Jones for leading it.

We also had a brilliant Easter Egg decorating competition- a big well done to everyone who took part. Our winners were…Isobel with close runner up Summer. Rhys with close runner up Seb and Seth with close runner up Amy.

We had some fantastic news this week as Orla, year 5, took part in the European Championships for Thai Boxing. She fought a very close final against a very experienced opponent. Orla has only been training for 5 months! Her coaching completed a values slip regarding her Determination stating “she never gave up and he could not be prouder”. Orla showed us what she has to wear and her fantastic medals. We are incredibly proud of her and have no doubt she will go on to win Championships very soon.

On to our Brilliant Book…

Infant 1- Jake- for his brilliant maths work. Jake is always enthusiastic with his number work and has really impressed this week with his knowledge of numbers up to 100!
Lillie-Mar- for her beautiful handwriting. Well done for keeping all your letters the right size and forming them correctly!

Infant 2- Cameron- For being kind and considerate to all class mates- especially during ice skating lessons
Megan- For a clear improvement in her reading. She had used great pace, tone and expression to ensure she is becoming more fluent.

Junior 1-Harrison, Ali and Chloe- for their well-composed newspaper articles on the trip to the Minster. The used conjunctions and powerful words to design effective articles.
Kai- for his strong and respectful singing in the Easter service. Well done, we’re really proud of you!

Junior 2- Jaby- for making super progress with his maths this term
Tyler- for making super progress with his reading this term
Both boys have been making such a fantastic effort and it is coming just at the right time ready for them to do so well at their end of key stage assessments- keep it up boys!

All of Infant 2 and Junior 1 were in the brilliant book for their ice skating. They have made such fantastic progress over the 6 weeks and achieved so much. Not only have they learnt so many new skills they also consistently represented our school so well being so friendly and respectful commented on by all staff and other schools. Well done!