New ‘Jungle Climber’ for juniors


The great news this term is that we  finally have our new play equipment installed. We will have a formal opening ceremony when we thank FOGS and all who have helped to raise funds over the last three years. The play equipment and safe surface were very expensive and it looked as if it may never happen, but extra funding from the diocese has enabled the children’s hopes to be fulfilled.

Jumbo Jungle Climber

We have also  replaced our very tired playground markings. More improvements to the look of our outdoor area are planned for the half term break.

Toy Story


The Children in Infant 2 enjoyed a trip to the National Childhood Museum at Sudbury Hall this week.  They took part in workshops to learn all about Victorian toys and how they work.  We got the chance to play with lots of toys including Jack in a boxes, clockwork toys, acrobatic monkeys, puppets and many many more.

Over the topic the children have learnt all about which toys would belong to rich and poor Victorian families and we even had a go at making our own cup and ball toys, Thaumatropes and Christmas string puppets.

The children will also learn about toys from around the world, such as the Rubik’s cube and South American worry dolls.  They will discover all about their purpose and popularity within history and the materials from which they are made.







University Day – March 2015

University Day has become a firm favourite with the children. At the beginning of the day Mrs Brown reminded the children what it was all about and encouraged them to try new things and see what they could learn. Courses were designed around subjects which do not appear regularly in the curriculum.

Children could choose from such courses as ‘A Play in Half a Day’, ‘The History of Pop Music 1950 – 2000’. ‘Making Mosaics’, ‘Exploring Gunthorpe’, ‘Handball’, ‘Chinese experience’, ‘Cogs and Gears’ and the inevitable baking courses, of which there were two.

Here are some snapshots from the day.

Tile workshop a great success

The tile workshop, which was kindly paid for by the FOGS/PTA, was a wonderful example of teamwork. All the children took part and were able to paint a tile as part of a whole picture and also prepare one of their own as a border. The results will be a treasure in school for years to come.






Nottingham Panthers visit school

Children were full of questions when two members of the panthers squad visited school. They came to talk about ice hockey but they also had a video with a serious message about education called, ‘Awesome’.

They answered the numerous questions and showed the kit which the players wear. I am sure that they also attracted a bit more interest in ice hockey.


The Christmas Truce of 1914

At the end of 2014, the junior classes presented, ‘Happy Christmas Tommy’ the story of the Christmas miracle of 1914. When soldiers from both sides put down their weapons and played football in no mans land. This is a very moving story and brings home the power that Christmas can have in peoples minds. The performance was marvellous, with some brilliant acting skills on show from the Y5 and Y6 children.