Autumn term parents information.

Junior One Autumn first half term Class News.

Maths and English is taught every morning. We also do early work before assembly. During this time we practice handwriting, spellings, maths – mental recall of tables and addition and subtraction bonds as well as hearing readers on Friday.  During the year we work on Mathletics and Bug Club for homework to practice what we learn at school. The children have their usernames and passwords in their homework books or reading records.

We have P.E. on Monday and Tuesdays. We have Athletics on a Monday when we will measure personal bests. On Tuesdays Mike will teach the children lacrosse skills. Keeping their p.e. kits in school all week would be helpful. 

Weather Watchers with Miss Perry is on Thursdays. This term the children will be measuring the weather, collecting results and making rain gauges. They will be looking at climate zones, maps and extreme climate events. 

Our science topic is Shining Lights. The children will learn about how light shines, predicting and measuring light in fun activities.

Homework is weekly. It is given out on a Friday and expected to be completed by Wednesday the next week. If the children complete it they get extra break for 15 minutes on Friday afternoon. If they don’t complete it they will be asked to sit in Mr Tyler’s room to complete it during this time. Homework should take about 1 hour. Homework should be a time to work through learning and show off newly acquired skills whilst showing you their confidence in their new learning!

Of course, reading together continues to be an important and regular activity. As the expectations for all children are high, sitting together and sharing their books will support children making remaining confident and looking deeper into the meaning of the text. I have sent home ideas for questioning children about what they read while they read. I hope this helps you help your child. We often write individual targets in their reading records. This is meant to be a helpful bit of information to direct the child and anyone who hears them read.  

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Sue Nolan








Sue Nolan

Toy Story


The Children in Infant 2 enjoyed a trip to the National Childhood Museum at Sudbury Hall this week.  They took part in workshops to learn all about Victorian toys and how they work.  We got the chance to play with lots of toys including Jack in a boxes, clockwork toys, acrobatic monkeys, puppets and many many more.

Over the topic the children have learnt all about which toys would belong to rich and poor Victorian families and we even had a go at making our own cup and ball toys, Thaumatropes and Christmas string puppets.

The children will also learn about toys from around the world, such as the Rubik’s cube and South American worry dolls.  They will discover all about their purpose and popularity within history and the materials from which they are made.







Athletics challenges.

In athletics we are recording our latest results in vertical jump, triple jump, standing jump and speed bounce. The children are filling in their results weekly in their pursuit of personal progress. Well done to the whole class for working in teams, managing their measuring and counting for each other. The practising is paying off and the children’s results are improving every lesson. Well done and keep practising your skills. The tricky part is usually remembering to hop on the first move in triple jump. Your record cards will help you keep track of your progress and notice the improvement.



Chocolate crispy cakes.

Today we made crispy cakes by melting chocolate and covering crispies in groups. Everyone worked hard to complete their cakes and tidy up themselves. They were delicious and we learned all about the weight of ingredients, melting and cooling and also writing instructions on the computer using our learning platform purple mash.

There were many chocolate faces after a bit of a nibble and the children wrote effective instructions using command versions of verbs. We know what 100g feels like now. We learned that cooking chocolate melted and covered crispies better than Dairy Milk.

Our new topic is Healthy Me and our focus in that is healthy eating and exercise.




Kwik Cricket Festival

Tuesday 17th June

During the summer term, Junior 1 and Junior 2 have received cricket coaching from a coach from Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.  Following on from this some of our children in Years 4, 5 and 6 were invited to take part in a cricket festival at Ransome & Marles Cricket Club in Newark.

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