Welcome to Infant 2

Welcome to Infant 2. We are in the classroom next to the school entrance. Our Teachers are Mrs Brown and Mrs Izzard. This year we have Miss Mockett, a trainee teacher with us all year.

World Book Day 2015

Ice Skating

Children Infant 2 and Junior 1 have been following in the footsteps of Torville and Dean this term with a course on ice skating provided partly by sport premium funding. Every Thursday children in Years 1-4 have been taken to the National Ice Centre for some coaching and development. It has been amazing how the children have progressed form being afraid to move to skating on one leg ad turning round on the ice.

Many of the children have seen their speed gradually creep up as their fear of falling as decreased.

Quotes from the children say it all…

“I didn’t really want to go but in the end it was exciting and I really enjoyed it” Harriett Y1

Joy Y2 “At first I was really scared but at the end of the fifth week I was really good at skating”

“It was brilliant! The first time I got on the ice, I was terrified but I got better and better” Jacob Y1.

Infant children in raining ready for take off

Isabella Y3 “When I started ice skating, I had to hold onto the side.   But now I can skate without holding on”

Jasmine Y4 “The coaches were lovely, helpful and honest with us about how we were doing”

Look at me now gently does it

Infant Nativity – ‘Tinsel and Teatowels’

Our Infant Christmas presentation went really well this year. It told the background story of a school with an inspection during the nativity week and how the children had learned so much from their play; all about the story of Jesus, the angels, the shepherds and the wise men. The inspectors were really impressed and so were we. The children really enjoyed taking on the roles of the teachers in school. It just goes to show that amongst the ‘Tinsel and Teatowels’ the true message of Christmas shines through.

Infant children singing one of their Christmas songs

Dinosaur Zoo

A great morning was had by all the Infants recently when we went to the Theatre Royal to see the production of Dinosaur Zoo. The staging of it was very realistic and we had to keep reminding ourselves that the dinosaurs were only puppets! The children were completely engaged and came back to school buzzing! It is also worth a mention that the children were extremely well behaved and polite. It was a pleasure to take the children out.

New spellings

As I’m sure you will all know by now the children in the infants are having weekly spelling tests (on Monday’s).  So far everyone is doing really well and the children have been praised for revising lots at home. Thank you for your continued support with this!

Mrs Brown

What is cold?

We have had a chilly start to the Spring term in Infant 2 with our new topic, ‘What is cold?’ The classroom was transformed into a snowy, polar region and the children all dressed in warm clothes! We have been investigating ice, making snowflakes and writing down our own ideas of what ‘cold’ means. In the coming term we will be looking at polar animals, finding out about the Northern lights, investigating materials and also experimenting with melting and freezing. Have a look at the photographs from our first day of freezing fun!

Famous People

As part of our ‘What makes us all Special?’ topic since half term we have now moved on to finding out about famous people.  We have already discussed what being famous means and the children told me about some famous people they know!

We began by looking at Guy Fawkes and now we are going to start finding facts out about Vincent Van Gogh.