Welcome to Infant 2

Welcome to Infant 2. My name is Miss Bottrell and I am the Class Teacher.  I would like to thank all of the children and their families for making me feel so welcome as a new member of staff at Gunthorpe Primary School.   We have so much to look forward to this year and I cant wait to learn lots of new things with you!


Headteacher blog w/c 3rd December 2018

What a Christmas filled week it has been! On Wednesday we had a very successful seniors sing-a-long with over 25 members of the community coming to join us for some very moving singing. Well done to all the children who took part and sang so beautifully we have had some lovely feedback from those who came.

On Thursday we held our Christmas Fayre selling products all the children had been hard at work making all week. Here are Infant 1, Infant 2 and Junior 2’s adverts…

Junior 1 produced a fantastic powerpoint presentation all about their products and the reason for producing them here Our First Christmas to Save Our Planet

The final results for the amount of profit made was:
Infant 1- £61
Infant 2- £33.05
Junior 1- £38.86
Junior 2- £43.17
GOSH (donated to Gardening club) £26.60
Making a total of £202.68!!!

Onto our Brilliant book…

Infant 1- Ben – for fantastic reading this week. Ben is not only blending really well but recognising some red words in his book as well.
Lillie-Mae- has been brilliant in our nativity play rehearsals.  She can always be heard singing out really well and joining in all the actions.

Infant 2- Lyla and Seth- for consistently being amazing in their delivery of their lines during the nativity rehearsals. 
Scarlett- Writer of the week this week for some stand out writing about the twits.

Junior 1- Krishan- for his well written complex sentences using subordinate conjunctions. They were well thought out, totally independent and beautifully presented.
Evie H- for a range of different types of sentences included in her paragraph of independent writing. She used questions and exclamations in a very effective manner. Keep it up!

Junior 2- the whole class were in the brilliant book this week for really impressing Mr Gething and Mr Tyler so much during Enterprise week, working brilliantly as a team.

The lacrosse team also deserve a special mention for great determination and never giving up despite not winning a goal. There was some fantastic defending and goal scoring but their team work shone through throughout. 

Please check your email for the December newsletter  available on the website or being emailed out today!

Headteacher blog w/c 8th Oct

Last week was possibly my favourite week of the term so far! Wednesday after school a group of year 5 students formed our Lacross team and took part in their first tournament. They did so well and Mr Tyler was particularly impressed with their attitude.  They played 4 games, winning 1, drawing 2 and losing 1.

On Thursday morning we had our harvest festival celebration and the hall was full to bursting with all the children and their parents. Every class did themselves proud and Rev Simon Jones spoke to us about how when we all contribute a little bit what a big difference it can make.  A big thank you to all those parents who made a donation for The Friary drop in centre who were incredibly grateful for the items of food. They were also delighted to receive a large vat of soup made by our gardening club from vegetables grown right here in school. Well done to all involved and we hope those of you who joined us enjoyed it.

On to our brilliant book…

Infant 1- Dylan and Anders- for some fantastic turn taking and mathematics.  Both boys worked together to create a car park number line from 1-20.
Frankie- for trying really hard with dressing and undressing for PE. Frankie managed to put his socks on this week by himself- no excuses at home now Frankie!

Infant 2- Toby and Ella J – for fantastic enthusiasm, determination and healthy competition seeing who could collect the most green cards in one day. They assured me it was a draw!
Writer of the week was Hudson Butlin- for his Owl Babies story, watch this space to be able to read it soon!

Junior 1- Riley H- for outstanding reading progress. Great pace, comprehension, decoding and focus.
Melissa- for outstanding homework on maths mastery, Excellent attitude and effort. She is just a great mathematician!

Junior 2- Orla and Harriet- for a great piece of reading comprehension on UFOs
Archie- super maths work this week on written addition.

I look forward to finding out how we can top this week. A big thank you to all parents who are filling in the values slips to let us know how your children are demonstrating these at home. If you do want any more copies I have passed these onto class teachers. Our hall display is already looking fantastic.
Mrs Bills

Toy Story


The Children in Infant 2 enjoyed a trip to the National Childhood Museum at Sudbury Hall this week.  They took part in workshops to learn all about Victorian toys and how they work.  We got the chance to play with lots of toys including Jack in a boxes, clockwork toys, acrobatic monkeys, puppets and many many more.

Over the topic the children have learnt all about which toys would belong to rich and poor Victorian families and we even had a go at making our own cup and ball toys, Thaumatropes and Christmas string puppets.

The children will also learn about toys from around the world, such as the Rubik’s cube and South American worry dolls.  They will discover all about their purpose and popularity within history and the materials from which they are made.







University Day – March 2015

University Day has become a firm favourite with the children. At the beginning of the day Mrs Brown reminded the children what it was all about and encouraged them to try new things and see what they could learn. Courses were designed around subjects which do not appear regularly in the curriculum.

Children could choose from such courses as ‘A Play in Half a Day’, ‘The History of Pop Music 1950 – 2000’. ‘Making Mosaics’, ‘Exploring Gunthorpe’, ‘Handball’, ‘Chinese experience’, ‘Cogs and Gears’ and the inevitable baking courses, of which there were two.

Here are some snapshots from the day.

Class Celebrations

In Infant 2, we love to celebrate the achievements of our friends as well as providing an opportunity for all children to share something special to them.  We have introduced some new systems as well as continuing schemes across the whole school…

Writer of the Week

Each week, a child is chosen to be our ‘Writer of the Week’.  This is our chance to celebrate the hard work and perseverance of writers in our class.  It could be for really trying hard to improve handwriting and letter formation or for using amazing description and vocabulary.  Each child’s achievement is entirely different to the other and here in Infant 2 we respect and value individual goals and love to celebrate them as a whole class.  The ‘Writer of the Week’ receives a certificate and a golden ticket entitling them to sit at our ‘Writer of the Week’ table for one English lesson the following week.  Not only that but they have their work displayed in our golden frame, get to use fancy stationery at their table and receive a sweet treat.  The children are loving the big reveal every Friday, especially all of the anticipation that builds throughout the week as they work hard to become a ‘Writer of the Week’.

Show and Tell

Each Friday, a child from Infant 2 will come home with our shiny, golden show and tell box for them to return the following week with a hidden momento from home.  This is their opportunity to bring in an item of their choice to share with their peers and for us to celebrate an achievement, special news or piece of interesting family history.  Examples so far have been photographs of a new family puppy and a treasured toy car.  It really is up to you and we cant wait to see and hear what you’ve hidden in our golden box!

Beans in the jar

Continuing with the school’s green card system, Infant 2 will be collecting green cards for any type of positive behaviour whether it be following our 5 school values; Service, Respect, Forgiveness, Determination and Friendship or for producing great work and being a great member of the class.  For every 3 green cards earned, the children will exchange these for a bean in the jar.  These are counted every Friday and when Infant 2 have reached 100 beans in the jar, we receive a class treat!  Right at the beginning of the Year, Infant 2 got their heads together to brainstorm some ideas for class treats and we came up with 5.  Each treat is written down and placed into a secret envelope to be chosen at random each time we achieve 100 beans in the jar.  Prepare for picnics, cupcake decorating, popcorn and movies galore! Keep up the hard work Infant 2 and lets get that first class treat of the year! 🙂 


New spellings

As I’m sure you will all know by now the children in the infants are having weekly spelling tests (on Monday’s).  So far everyone is doing really well and the children have been praised for revising lots at home. Thank you for your continued support with this!

Miss Bottrell